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2 Shocking Ways Cleaning Your Gutters Can Extend Your Roof Life

Gutter cleaning can feel like a real hassle, but did you know it can extend the lifespan of your residential roof? A new roof is a significant investment and likely one you want to avoid for as long as possible. Keep reading for two shocking ways cleaning your gutters can help you maximize your roofing investment.

#1: Stop Moisture in Its Tracks

When your gutter is clean, it allows moisture from rain and melted snow to flow smoothly and safely into the trough, downspout, and away from your home. If it experiences clogging from leaves and debris, the moisture can remain on the roof’s surface, then soaking into the home’s wood or siding. A professional gutter cleaning will ensure you can avoid devastating problems like wood rot or mold.

#2: Avoid Accumulation of Ice Dams

During the colder months, dirty gutters can mean snow or ice melt refreezes and turns into an ice dam instead of flowing away from the home. Because the accumulation has nowhere to go, it can pile up on the roof, weighing it down and straining the roof materials. Cleaning the gutters in the fall before the winter weather begins will ensure the ice melt flows away from your roof, protecting it from a host of problems to the roof and the home’s exterior.

The expert roofers at Premiere Roofing are here to provide professional gutter cleaning services to protect your roof and extend its lifespan. We offer free estimates and reliable services that will leave your gutters clean and ready for whatever weather comes their way. Contact us today to schedule gutter cleaning service.

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