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3 Greatest Roof Underlay Hacks to Protect Your Home

How well-protected is the area beneath your roof shingles? Do you have a good understanding of the materials being used there?

A roofing underlayment offers an extra layer of protection against elements beneath your shingles. Here are some tips on getting the best protection out of yours.

Know Your Material

The three basic types of roof underlays are: felt, rubberized asphalt, and synthetic.

Felt materials cost less than the other types, offering significant savings for homeowners. Heavier felt offers better protection against weather and installation damage. Use the right fasteners to prevent it from ripping apart during a windstorm.

Use the Right Type of Underlay

Roofs with lots of valleys and ridges are at higher risk for water damage during a weather event. Synthetic peel and stick products work best here since they mold directly into crevices. This forms a more watertight seal for better protection.

Be sure that the underlayment you choose suits the materials used for your shingles. Having the wrong combination in place puts you at risk for catastrophic damage during even a basic rainstorm.

Cover Your Entire Roof

Don’t leave the edges of your roof exposed. Be sure your underlayment wraps around the edges to prevent damage from creeping in. Consider adding a roof drip edge to keep water runoff from getting beneath the roof structure.

These hacks should leave you better prepared if severe weather rolls through your area. South Carolina residents can contact Premiere Roofing at (803) 244-9428 for more information on protecting your roof.

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