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3 Benefits of Replacing Your Roof In The Winter

A stitch in time can save nine when it comes to your roof in winter. With the colder season comes a lot of expanding and contracting of the materials that make up your roof. That ultimately leads to curling, breakage, leaks, and weakened protection against storm and tree damage.

Premiere Roofing can inspect your roof and let you know if simple maintenance will suffice, or if it’s best to schedule a winter replacement.

When Replacement Shouldn’t Wait, a Winter Roof Job Makes Very Good Sense. That’s Because:

1. We’re used to our seasons! We will schedule our expert roof installers on the warmer, clearer days. Columbia, SC has plenty of mild days well into winter, with temperatures averaging in the 50s throughout a good portion of the season. Did you know Columbia, South Carolina averages 217 sunny days a year?

2. We’re less rushed now than when handling the warmer months’ fuller schedules. Depending on the size of your job, it’s quite possible that we’ll be able to complete your new roof in just a few days.

3. Your roofing repair or replacement estimate is likely to come in at a more streamlined figure when expert installers’ schedules are not so loaded, and demand for roofing materials is lower than it is in the warmer months.

Call Columbia, SC’s Most Seasoned Roofers

We’re always warm and friendly. And most important of all, we offer the same labor warranty in all seasons. Our CertainTeed Select Shingle Master status means we can offer you more warranty protection on our roofing products than most other companies.

To schedule your winter roofing work with Premiere Roofing, you can call (803) 244-9428 or request your estimate here.

We’ll examine the forecast and schedule your work for the opportune time.

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