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3 Common Roof Anomalies and What They Mean for Your Home’s Health

Torn shingles on old roofNo roof is perfect, but some roof anomalies can jeopardize your home’s health. Take a look at three of the most common.

#1: Folds and Creases

Creases and folds can be the result of pressure and suction from high winds. Depending on the shingle material, it can be difficult to see these types of anomalies. However, when your roof shingles fold or crease, it can allow moisture to penetrate the sublayer and leak into your home.

#2: Torn Shingles and Roofing Material

From the ground, it’s nearly impossible to tell if you have torn shingles on your roof. However, if any of your shingles fold, they can develop a crease that can lead to a tear. Wind, hail, improper installation, and manufacturer defects can also lead to torn shingles. Missing pieces of shingles mean your home is more vulnerable to the elements where your roof is not secure.

#3: Punctures

Whether you have a shingle roof or a metal one, punctures can be a big problem. They can occur during roof repair, installing something on the roof, hail, or even improper roof installation. The issue with holes in the roof is always the potential for water damage. Water can seep into your home through the holes, even small ones, leading to damage ranging from minor to catastrophic.

Whether your roof has anomalies from manufacturing, extreme weather, or mishandling, it’s critical to repair it as soon as possible. However, instead of risking life and limb climbing up on your roof, it’s always best to call in a professional. Contact the team at Premiere Roofing with any of your roofing questions or concerns or schedule a roof inspection.

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