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3 Not So Common Signs Your Windows Need to be Replaced

Do your windows need replacing? Windows don’t last forever, unfortunately, and there are some signs it’s time to consider replacing them. Take a look at three of the ones you can be on the lookout for.

Sign #1: Is it Drafty in Here?

One sign your windows are getting old are drafts. If you can feel drafts around the edges or the frames or heat in the summer or cold in the window, it’s time to think about replacing those windows.

Sign #2: Energy Bills Keep Going Up

Have you noticed your energy bills this year are higher than your bills from the same time last year? If your utility bills keep creeping up, it could be a sign your windows are not doing their job. Higher energy use often means heat and cool are escaping from your house, so your HVAC has to work harder, using more energy. It could be time to take a look at those old windows.

Sign #3: Condensation on the Inside

In the cool months of winter, if you see condensation on the inside of your windows, it means they’re not keeping the cold out. As the warm air meets the cold window, you’ll see condensation. This mostly happens with older windows but won’t happen with insulated double-pane windows.

New windows are an investment in your home, but they’re worth the money. You can lower your energy bills, increase your comfort, and make sure your home is secure with updated windows. Contact Premiere Roofing to find out more about how to know if your windows need replacing.

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