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3 Reasons to Have a Roof Inspection Before Spring

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Have you been waiting for spring to have your roof inspected? Many homeowners think that a professional roofing company can’t do roof inspections in winter due to the weather conditions. However, if you’re overdue for an inspection, there’s no better time to get it done than before spring arrives. Here’s why.

1. Springs Rains Can Worsen Existing Leaks

If your roof has even a small leak, the torrent of spring rains can make things worse. Small leaks may allow a trickle of water to penetrate your roof and enter your home. But when you have the heavy rains of spring pouring down, that trickle can turn into a serious water issue. A professional roof inspection before spring could catch that leak and seal it before it’s exposed to torrential downpours.

2. Ice Dams May Have Caused Damage to the Roof

Ice dams occur near the roof line. When snow freezes and then thaws, ice dams force water to build up behind them, which puts force on your roof shingles. The shingles may break or lift, allowing that water to enter below the shingles and lead to water damage. If you live in a climate that gets any snow or sleet in winter, it’s essential to have your roof inspected before spring to ensure that it hasn’t incurred any structural integrity damage from winter ice dams.

3. Routine Inspections Extend the Life of Your Roof

A routine inspection before every spring extends the life of your roof. Minor issues can be remedied before they grow into larger problems. In warmer months, the schedule gets filled with homeowners who waited and now need major roof repairs. By scheduling your inspection before spring, you’ll get a jump on the busy season and possibly avoid serious complications. Roof damage isn’t typically visible from the ground. Only a roof inspector would be able to accurately survey your roof to look for all the potential signs of damage. To get a free roof inspection estimate, please contact us today.

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