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3 Simple Rules for Preparing Your Gutters to Handle Summer Rain  

Prepping your roof for the harsh winter is emphasized, but what should you do when the summer comes? Summer is notorious for storms and unexpected rains. We discuss 3 ways through which you can take care of the gutters in preparation for these rains.

Inspect the gutters

Gutters, just like any part of the roof wears out. For example, gutters could become unattached due to the spikes that hold them in place loosening up. Downspouts are another area of concern. They should be inspected for any loose rivets. You can either fix these yourself, but should you be unable to, professionals such Premiere Roofing can do it for you.

Clean the gutters

Clear the gutters of any debris that accumulates over time. Use a steady and strong ladder that will be high enough to enable you to remove this dirt by hand comfortably. Accumulation of this debris in your gutters leads to poor water drainage, which will ultimately damage your roof. Wear sturdy gloves when you are doing this. Premiere Roofing can help you accomplish this if you do not have the necessary equipment.

Check the gutters for leaks

This is accomplished by pouring water onto the gutters to evaluate how well it drains. This will allow you to identify any leakages and have them fixed. Check the gutters’ seams, and joints as these are the most common places you would find leaks. Premiere Roofing has been offering roofing solutions to the greater Midlands of South Carolina, and are always happy and willing to handle your roofing needs. With over 10 years of experience, you can rest assured no matter your type of gutter; we will repair it professionally. Feel free to contact us at (803) 2449428 for a free estimate.

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