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4 Money-Saving Tips to Reduce the Cost of Replacing Your Old Roof

Do you need roof replacement? It can carry a hefty price tag, but it protects your home, and it’s important to do it when necessary. The good news is there are ways to save money. Take a look at four tips to reduce the cost of replacing your old roof.


Tip #1: Pay Attention to Your Timing

Is your roof nearing the end of its life expectancy? Most roofs last an average of 20 years. If your roof is nearing that mile marker, replacing it before it gets there can save you significantly. Damage occurs as the roof ages and breaks down. If you wait until the last minute, you could end up paying for damage below the roof instead of just the roof replacement.

Tip #2: Check Out Your Warranty

Your roof may still have a valid warranty. Before you hire a roofing contractor, check your homeowner’s insurance, home warranty, and roof warranty. It’s possible you have coverage that will pay for all or part of the replacement.

Tip #3: Get an Inspection

It’s possible your roof only needs repair and not a total replacement. A roofing professional can assess your roof and determine if the damage warrants roof replacement or if roof repair can get more life out of it.

Tip #4: Talk to Premiere Roofing

The best way to find out what’s what with your roof and to figure out a cost estimate is by talking to a reliable roofing contractor. The team at Premiere Roofing provides free estimates and trustworthy inspections. Contact them today for all the information you need on roof replacement.


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