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4 Signs it is Time for New Windows

signs of damaged windows

Do you know the signs of damaged windows? It’s not always obvious when your windows are ready for replacement. Here are four signs it’s time for new windows.

Sign #1: It’s Getting Drafty in Here

You can often tell when a window is drafty by putting your hands near the edges when it’s cool out. If you can feel cold drafts from inside the house, the window is no longer doing its job. At this point, you’re just losing energy through them, and you’ve probably noticed it on your ever-increasing energy bills.


Sign #2: You Have to Get Backup to Open or Close Them

Wanting to open or close a window and being unable to because of faulty mechanism, sticking, jamming, rust, or rot is frustrating. It’s also a safety issue. If you have more than one window that won’t open or close properly, that’s a sign it’s time for a replacement.


Sign #3: Condensation in or on the Glass

If your window glazing is failing, it can lead to condensation. You should not see condensation between the panes of glass on your windows. You also shouldn’t see condensation inside or outside on your windows. Those are signs that heat is getting out and cold is getting in, and vice versa.


Sign #4: Water Damage

Water damage on the window frame could happen due to age, exposure to the elements over time, or window damage after a big storm. If you see cracks, mold, rust, or decay, your window needs replacing, and potentially the window frame.


Is it time to replace your windows? If you notice any signs of damage, don’t wait. Instead, call in the professionals at Premiere Roofing for a free window assessment and evaluation.

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