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Choosing the Best Window Style for Your Home

Choosing the best window style begins with learning the major types available as well as which models work best with your budget. Take a look at the top window styles for your home update or remodel.

Single Hung

The biggest difference between single and double hung styles are the way the sections open. With a single hung window, the lower sash moves up and down and the upper sash doesn’t move. These are good for traditional home styles and are the most common window type.

Double Hung

These have a similar appearance to single hung but both sashes move up and down. These give your dining or kitchen area a more sophisticated look.


Arched Window have an elegant rounded top that gives architectural detail to the front of your home. Most arch windows are decorative in nature. They let in additional light and they are typically positioned high over standard windows.


Awning windows open to the outside and look great in dens or studies over a fireplace. They are ideal for rainy climates because they create a water-resistant awning when opened outward. They are shorter than other window types.


Bay windows protrude outward in an arc. They are great for homes in cities and houses where you want to add to the living space. Bay windows make great reading nooks and have great street appeal.

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