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Commercial Roof Coatings – 4 Reasons They Save Your Business Time and Money

commercial roof coatingHow’s your commercial roof coating holding up? Roofing issues are among the least expected but most common things that can impact your business. If you have roof damage that leads to leaks or other issues, it can cause interruptions in daily operations and lead to costly repairs. Instead of taking a chance on standard commercial roof replacement, take a look at four reasons commercial roof coatings can save your business time and money.


#1: Durable and Long Lasting

Silicone roof coating is durable enough to protect your metal roof from the elements. It’s also long-lasting, saving you money on roof repairs and replacement. And with the ability to reapply it, it extends the life of your commercial roof.


#2: Fewer Repairs

The application of the silicone coating creates a seamless surface. No seams mean no chance for water damage to sneak in and cause rust or other issues to the roof and what lies below it.


#3: Energy Efficient

The silicone metal roof coating has an Energy Star Rating, unlike traditional asphalt roof materials. It will help keep the heat and cold out, cutting down on your energy use and energy bills.


#4: Saves Time

When your building needs a new roof, the installation process can impact your employees, customers, and business operations. Application of the silicone commercial roof coating takes half the time of a total roof replacement.


Are you ready to save time and money for your business? It could be as simple as the right commercial roof coating. Find out more when you contact the experienced roofing professionals at Premiere Roofing.

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