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Dos and Don’ts of Halloween Roof Decorating

decorating safety for halloweenThe spookiest of holidays is eerily close, but decorating safety for Halloween might not be on your mind as you dig out the ghostly décor. However, there are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind to help you avoid roof damage with decorations.


Do Check the Roof First

Checking for roof damage before adding decorations can help prevent anything worse from happening to your roof. Missing, damaged, or discolored shingles are telltale signs of roof issues. Avoid those areas when decorating and call a roofing professional for an assessment.


Do Protect Your Shingles

Protecting your shingles is the number one way to avoid damage to the roof with decorations. Hang items from the fascia board under the outer edge of the roof or from the gutters to prevent damage. Use clips or removable hooks to attach lights and decorations.


Don’t Use Nails

Putting ails in your roof is a great way to create a leak. Talk about a scary Halloween. Water damage is the nightmare you don’t want. Avoid this by using reusable light clips that hook to gutters or straps that you can attach to the ground to hold up the decorations.


Don’t Damage Your Gutters

Light clips are a great way to hang holiday lighting but don’t hang anything heavier from your gutters. Avoid using the gutters as anchors for heavy items or to tie anything down. It’s possible to bend, damage, or displace them if you aren’t careful.


Decorating for the holidays, starting with Halloween, can be a scary good time! But not if you damage your roof in the process. Contact the roofing professionals at Premiere Roofing for more tips on roof decorating safety, for an assessment of possible roof damage, or to inspect your roof before you get started.

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