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Help Your Real Estate Client Sell Their Property with These 6 Repairs

You know as a real estate agent that the first few weeks of putting a house on the market is the most crucial time for selling a house. When you’re helping your clients prepare their home for listing, keep in mind that small repairs and upgrades are often more effective than expensive, time-consuming remodels. The following are some of the most effective repairs for helping a client sell their home:

  • Patch cracks in cement: Cracks in cement happen naturally with the effects of sunlight, tree roots emerging from the ground below, and other natural elements. Removing cracked cement and replacing it with new cement can give a very polished look to a home’s exterior and add to the curb appeal for potential buyers.
  • Take out old carpet: Nothing says fresh and clean like brand new carpet. Even if a carpet might be clean, it could still be worn out or out of style. Pick a light, neutral color for the new carpet.
  • Repair any damage to fences: Fences tend to fall apart over time. Fix any problems in your fence, give your fence a new coat of paint, or replace it altogether.
  • Replace or repair siding: Worn out and weathered siding can make a house seem much older than it is. Replacing the siding is an easy way to increase the curb appeal and make the house look new.
  • Install new gutters: When a gutter breaks or becomes overloaded with debris, water can spill down the side of your house, staining your siding and damaging your walls. New gutters will impress potential buyers and take away their worries about water damage on the outside of the house.
  • Replace the roof: One big concern for buyers is how long until they will have to replace the roof, and how much it might cost. If the roof is already getting close to the point of needing to be replaced, go ahead and replace it. Potential buyers will feel substantially more confident about buying a house with a new roof.

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