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Important Things You Didn’t Know About Roof Ventilation

Roof ventilation is a critical part of your home, but one you might not know much about. But because your roof is what’s keeping your home safe and sound, it’s good to brush up on some of the basics. Here are some important things you don’t know about roof ventilation.

What Do Roof Vents Do?

Without roof vents, the temperature in your home would be hard to regulate. In the summer, heat would build up in the attic, making it difficult to keep your home cool. The vents allow air to flow into and out of your attic space, controlling not just the temperature but also the moisture. If you trap moisture, you’re inviting mold and mildew growth in your attic and insulation.

Longer Lasting Roof

One thing with a big impact on the lifespan of your roof is ventilation. Without it, the heat from inside your house rises into the attic, where it melts the ice and snow in the winter. When this happens, ice dams can form. While it might not look damaging, the ice dams can back up under the shingles and roof materials. The damage happens slowly during the winter and can leave you with costly repair needs in the spring.

Increased Energy Efficiency

With greater air circulation comes greater energy efficiency. It takes less to heat and cool your home when the air circulates as it should into and out of your attic through the roof vents. You have consistent temperatures and lower energy bills.

Roof vents are our business. If you feel like your ventilation might not be working as it should contact the team at Premiere Roofing to schedule an inspection.

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