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Is Your Roof Ready for Santa?

Is Your Roof Ready for Santa?The holidays are here, and scheduling a roof inspection is probably the last thing on your priority list. But is your roof ready to protect your home and family this Christmas? Here’s how to tell if your roof is ready for Santa.

What Could Be Wrong?

During the winter months, roof damage can happen without you even knowing. Whether from rain, snow, ice, or simply the age of your roof, even minor damage can lead to major issues. Cracked shingles, broken gutters, loose flashing, and pooling water are the most common roof issues in South Carolina.

The Damage You Could Face

In addition to a compromised roof, damage can lead to other issues as well. The biggest concern is water problems from a leak that develops from the damage. If water gets into your home through cracks in your roof or space where shingles or flashing have pulled away, it can be catastrophic.

What You Can Do

The best way to ensure your roof is intact and in good shape is with a roof inspection. But don’t think this is something that’s a simple DIY project. A professional roofer has the knowledge and expertise to assess your roof and determine if there’s any damage that requires repair.

Will your roof be ready when the jingle bells get near, and Santa’s sleigh is coming in for a landing? Don’t take any chances or face unpleasant consequences from roof damage during the holidays. Contact the pros at Premiere Roofing to schedule a roof inspection before you deck the halls.

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