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Professional Holiday Decorating Tips to Help Protect Your Roof

Can your house look like the North Pole without worrying about roof damage?

Christmas lights

It’s the time of year to deck the halls and light up the house, but can you do it without causing roof damage? When you drive through town and look at all of the glorious lights on your neighbors’ homes, you might not think that they could be doing damage to their roofs. If you’re hanging lights this holiday season, take some advice from the pros to protect your roof.

Tip #1: Leave the Shingles out of It

One of the quickest ways to do damage when hanging holiday lights is to attach them to the shingles. Even tiny nail holes in shingles can compromise them and allow for water to leak into your home. Use clips to hang the lights from the gutters instead.

Tip #2: Use Low Voltage Bulbs

Large bulbs can get hot. This can be a fire hazard. Instead, use low-voltage bulbs or LED lights to keep them cool and keep your home safe.

Tip #3: Be Patient When Taking Them Down

When it’s time to take the lights down, you want them down now. But be patient when dismantling the holiday decorations. Tearing them off the house or pulling them down in one big tug can damage your gutters, which can lead to roof damage.

Holiday lights are one of the best parts of the season. If you want your home to sparkle this year, take precautions to stay safe and to keep your roof intact. For more information on preventing roof damage, contact the team at Premiere Roofing today.

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