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Pros and Cons of Roof Patch vs. a Complete Reroof

roof workSo you know your roof needs some serious repair, but should you go with a roof patch or a complete reroof? It can be challenging to know which option is right for your home. Getting professional opinions from trusted roofers can help you make an informed decision. In the meantime, we have the pros and cons of a roof patch vs. a reroof to help.

Roof Patch Pros

  • More affordable than a reroof or roof replacement
  • Can stop leaks and prevent moisture damage
  • Takes less time to perform, so it minimizes the time you are dealing with people on your roof

Roof Patch Cons

  • May mask problems that are underneath the surface
  • Is not enough for a roof with extensive damage
  • Can be dangerous to attempt on your own; always hire professionals for the job

Reroof Pros

  • Can give your roof a new life without a total roof replacement
  • Will extend the life of your existing roof for several years
  • Can plug up holes or gaps in shingles to stop water leaks
  • More affordable than a full roof replacement.

Reroof Cons

  • It’s possible to damage the underlying structure if you use inexperienced roofers or the materials are in poor condition.
  • May hide the real structural problems underneath the surface.
  • Some homes may have an uneven roof after a reroofing. Choosing a professional roofing company can prevent this problem.

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