Reasons You Should Avoid Surprises and Have the Roof Inspected Before Purchasing a Home


Is a roof inspection on your pre-purchase to-do list? Buying a new home is exciting, but you don’t want to damper the joy by discovering the roof needs repair or replacement. Take a look at the top ways you can avoid surprises after the closing with a roof inspection before you sign the contract.

The Weather

You can’t change the weather, but it can take a toll on a roof. When you purchase a pre-existing home, you can’t know what the roof has been through. If there was hail, high winds, or extreme conditions, there is no way for you to know unless you have the roof inspected. Knowing before you buy can save you thousands of dollars in roof repairs or replacement.

The Age of the Roof

It’s a requirement that sellers disclose issues with their home before they sell it, but they might not be aware of roof damage that’s due to age. The life expectancy of most roofs is 15-20 years. Other factors besides time can affect the condition, however. Low-quality roofing materials, poor installation, and damage from other house maintenance can impact the stability and status of the roof. A professional roof inspection can identify any issues from age before you sign off on the state of the home you’re buying.

Are you purchasing a new home? Avoid expensive surprises and make sure you have the roof inspected before the closing. The team at Premiere Roofing can help. Contact us today for a free roof inspection on your potential purchase.


Just want to thank you and your crew for the excellent job you did on my “sad” roof. It looks great & best of all, no leaks around the chimney. Bill was impressed with the post roof clean-up.

Pat P.
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