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When to get a Second Opinion on a Roof Inspection?

free roof inspectionWhen was the last time you scheduled a roof inspection? Many homeowners only think to have their roof looked at after severe weather, but a regular inspection can identify minor problems before they turn into major ones. As with anything, a second opinion on a roof inspection is never a bad idea. Here’s when you should get one.


If You Have a Bad Feeling


Trusting your instincts when it comes to service providers often pays off. If you’ve had your roof looked at but feel like something was a little off, having a second roofing specialist out for a second opinion is always okay. If they give the same opinion, you’ll know the information is correct and can move forward.


If You’re Concerned About the Price


Price is always a major factor with any home inspection, especially regarding roof repair or roof replacement. If your roof inspection comes back with a price that seems excessive, call another roofing specialist for a second opinion and another estimate to compare prices and services.


If You Ever Have Your Roof Inspected


There is never a bad time to get a second opinion. Roof repair and replacement can carry a high cost, and you have the right as a consumer to get a second opinion for peace of mind and to validate the assessment of the roofing specialists.


Making an informed decision is the best move you can make when it comes to home repairs. Any roofing company should handle the request for a second opinion professionally, as it should be the norm. If you’re looking for a roofing specialist to give you a first or second opinion, don’t hesitate to reach out to the best team in the area. Contact Premiere Roofing to schedule your roof inspection.

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